What to Avoid in Water Heater Installation – Family Issues


The size of your house.

In the process of installation, fittings will need for soldering onto pipes. But you shouldn’t perform this if the pipes have already been joined on top of the heater. Solder the fittings directly on the floor or on other surfaces away from the heater so there isn’t any melting of plumbing fittings that are made of plastic in.

Attach a discharge into the relief valve in order to make sure that the safety measures are in place. If the temperature or pressure of the heater’s liquid is excessive, the discharge tube releases hot water. The heater must be placed in an oven at the bottom of the heater so that it can collect the water.

The installation of an electric water heater is a matter of making sure that the tank be filled up to capacity before turning the heater on. Heating elements in electric water heaters were designed to be submerged by water. If they aren’t and are operating, they may get damaged.

Make sure there is no oxygen in the tank before you turn on the heater. Start the heater when you’ve achieved a constant flowing of water.

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