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The purpose of a capability statement is designed to market your business to buyers from government. The statement must be approved by government buyers. It must include specific aspects. The statement you submit should contain nine elements: your business’s name, a summary of its capabilities, as well as six more elements.

A capability statement should be short description of your organization’s offerings aimed at federal buyers and contractors. It is not more than one page in length and must be a “live” version that could be modified as required. One master copy needs to be prepared that can be edited and can be tailored to suit the needs of your target audience. Once the document has been released, it must be distributed as a PDF and posted on your site.

You must ensure you list the items and services your company is proficient in, only as they relate to the specific demands of your intended audience. Bullet points can be a great approach to describe the capabilities your company can be being able to do.

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