How to Replace a Window – Do it Yourself Repair


This video will help you understand how you can do it yourself.

Apart from the window, the other things to have are the oscillating saw drill, a four-foot level and a knife for use in the kitchen, silicone caulk as well as a caulking gun as well as wood shims. Each house is unique and each window will require various tools or materials. Removing the old window is as simple as making a cut around the casing before eliminating caulks and nails. Examine the window’s fit before applying seal the edges with caulk. Set shims inside jams and frames in order to secure the window. After that, verify the window’s squareness and level. If the diagonals of the window are even, it means the window is square. Repeat this test several times. Finally, fix the window in place with holes you’ve predrilled. The window should be insulated with fiberglass insulation. Trim off the extra and then apply silicone caulk along the border of the window. Fill in the nail holes. Paint the trim to match all the edges for a flawless style.

In the case of window installations that appear a bit challenging, get in touch with specialists in your local area.


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