Why Italian Shoes Are Better Than American Shoes – Swap Shop Radio


It is better to purchase Italian shoes than American. This video will show you the reason. This will help you understand what makes Italian shoes are classier and more comfy. There are other qualities that Italian footwear has to provide.
Creative Heritage

Since antiquity, Italians have made shoes. The secrets of their families’ genealogy are passed on. This makes it possible for the makers to make hand-made footwear which are stylish and comfortable.

The choice of leather

Italics use only the best leather. The majority of the leather is made of calfskin that makes it soft and spongy.


Italian shoemakers are known for their attention to ornaments. In order to make every pair of footwear unique the shoemakers use embroidery as well as ruby stones.


It is considered a mark of class and sophistication to wear Italian footwear. It’s also a style decision that helps a person stand apart from others.

Italian footwear is thinner and more delicate, making them more comfy. American footwear can be worn for any purpose, but Italian footwear is designed to be worn for formal events.


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