Understanding Brake Services – Car Talk Podcast


It is crucial to take advantage of these services in maintaining the brakes so that you can prevent costly repairs and replacements. In this video, we will explain what happens when you take your motorcycle or car to brake servicing.

Brake services can be inclusive of several procedures. A brake inspection service is included. To ensure that they work correctly, brake pads, fluid levels and lines of brakes are tested. The mechanic makes adjustments where needed and ensures that the brake works with a manner that isn’t causing damage to the rotating rotor. The brake pad is replaced if it wears down.

Brake service also includes cleaning and lubricating of the brake pads to allow them to move freely. Additionally, when the brake disc is beginning to show wear signs, it is replaced to extend its lifespan. This involves using a machine which removes any imperfections. Also, the brakes have to be stopped with the stop sound. This will help keep the brake pad quiet while braking.


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