5 Reasons You Should Choose Hardwood Floors – Teng Home


Flooring styles you’ll love.

The flooring made of oak is the most well-known type of wood flooring. Oak hardwood flooring is famous for its durability. It is possible to use oak hardwood floors for many years. Maple hardwood floors can withstand much more than oak flooring and that is why maple flooring has become popular.

The pine flooring, which is less expensive than hardwood is an option. Although pine flooring is soft and smooth, it can be sturdy and long-lasting. The flooring made from cherry is an extremely popular option for many customers. It has a unique style and appearance. The cherry wood is solid, making it difficult to scratch it or noticeably damage it in other ways. It is possible to have all hardwood floors repaired. They don’t typically require as much attention like a carpeted flooring and will generally require specific types of maintenance. They can be maintained with a wide range of cleaners and they will still appear great.


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