How to Build Your Own DIY Towing Dolly – DIY Projects for Home


It’s a necessity for a lot of individuals due to their work or activities, however it can be expensive to buy on the market. In this instructional video, the process for creating your own reliable towing dolly is described.

To build a dolly, you’ll need the following abilities: Measure to cut, then weld. There are many ways to recycle old equipment or trailers to make the materials. This material is generally easy to find at an area called a scrap yard or other place that offers scrap metal.

This is the way that the presenter assists you in determining the gap between two metal parts that are used to support your tires. Two boards were put on the underside of the wheels of any vehicle which he may wish to tow. After that, he determined the distance between each board and decided to extend one or two inches in order to ensure safety.

The entire procedure can be completed in just a few hours. This video provides viewers with an overview of the elements required to construct a sturdy and cost-effective towing system.


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