Tips to Avoid Mistakes During Your Divorce Case – Legal Videos

A video provides some helpful tips for avoiding mistakes while negotiating your divorce settlement.

The lawyer in this video explains that they had one of their clients who came to them a year after his divorce settlement. The client had concerns about the settlement. He agreed to buy the property from his wife, as well as to make the loan refinanced in his name.

He was having issues with his taxes and refinances but he was not able to meet the deadline of 90 days. He had been to another divorce lawyer to determine if his options could be used to get the home, but it was far beyond the limit. He was unable to get the house.

The name of the borrower was not listed on the deed. Additionally, the refinance was prolonged because he didn’t take into account his credit and the tax implications. It would have been a better choice to advocate that he receive his portion of the house as well as for his wife to retain the ownership.

The full details can be found in the video below.


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