How Do You Replace Interior Doors? – DIY Projects for Home


If the new door is heavier than the original door you’ll need a plane for cutting it back.
Let’s chisel out the Hinge
With the doors from the past to serve as a reference, you are going to chisel out areas that the hinges should fit. Install the hinge door replacement using a power drill and an abrasive. After you’ve cut out the hinges’ location then drill holes for your screws.
It’s Nearly Done
Once you have the hinges set, it is time to hang the door. The door should be hung to test to ensure that it fits properly. After you’ve checked the proper fit, remove the door. It’s easier to paint the replacement door after the door has been taken from its frame.
In order to paint the details begin by using a paintbrush. Next, proceed to the next step with a roller. It is important to use 2 coats on each edge and on both sides. Let the door dry in between coats.
Next step is to add the doorknob , and then hang the door. If you plan it well and using your previous door as a template door, new doors are easy to install and provide an aesthetic and functionality your house deserves.
You can be proud of the brand-new doors you have just received. 3gmbk2upnn.

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