How Does a Strain Gauge Work? – Technology Radio


Stress analysis experiments are typically carried out on particular pieces of equipment such as a commercial plane to find exactly where stress occurs and the amount there is on specific components of the equipment. A fatigue life analysis and a residual stress analysis can be used to find an understanding of how tension can affect the object that is being evaluated.

The construction of a strain gauge comprises the cover layer, the carrier, measuring grid and connectors. A strain gauge that’s depressed will show less resistance to electric current. The strain gauge develops greater resistance as it gets stretched. The strain gauge is able to measure resistance (or the amount of resistance) and the strain of an object, by measuring the change in the electrical resistance. Strain gauges come with different designs, sizes, and shapes to measure the strain that is put on various objects. They help determine the amount of strain that your item can endure yet remaining functional and safe. q8jp43mrvx.

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