How Do a Planes Landing Gears Function? – Horseshoe Chamber Blog


self and how to operate the landing gear of an aircraft.

It’s not essential to land gear for flight, but it’s vital for smooth landings. The first retractable aircraft landing gear was created during the 30s. It allowed for an improvement in efficiency and speed. Today, the landing gear can account for anywhere between 3 and five percent of the plane’s total weight. Additionally, it can require significant maintenance time.

The majority of landing gear parts are made by specialist companies owing to the complexity of the gear , as well as the precision needed for components of landing gear. One of the most essential components of plane landing gear is the central strut which is machined using high-quality steel. This strut connects to the wheels and supports every force that is involved in the landing process. The retractable landing gear can be placed 4 miles away from the point of landing. Because it causes significant drag it is not recommended that pilots deploy it prior to landing. Next time you’re on a plane and notice the sound of the descent of landing gears, you’ll get a better understanding of the process activities happening beneath the surface.


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