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l Tool for Supporting Mental Health

Contact your loved ones when you observe signs that they are being affected by mental illnesses. A good place to start is to be able to understand how they’re going through. It is important not to jump into conclusions or provide solutions without knowing what they feel, however it’s fine if they want some advice as they share their feelings.

Support them by your listening and encouraging them to seek treatment for their mental disorders. It’s sometimes frustrating and challenging to assist anyone who is receiving treatment for anxiety disorders or depression. Take your time with the process along with any healing process that occurs after the treatment is over.

9. Most People Will Experience Mental Health Issues In The Future

A few shocking facts about mental illness suggest you could not be as familiar with the concept of “mental illness” than you realize. One out of five Americans are likely to suffer from an illness of the mind during their lifetime, according to NAMI. National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

The truth is that certain mental health issues are more prevalent in certain people than others. For example, people who belong to certain groups and ethnicities may be more vulnerable to depression or anxiety. The mental health issue is affecting anyone.

It’s equally important to understand that effective treatment options are available for most forms of mental illnesses and methods you can treat your issues at home (without having to resort to calling 911). While being diagnosed with an illness that is mental does not always correlate to higher happiness or greater success research has shown that patients seeking treatment for their ailments are just as satisfied as people with no history of any type of mental illness.

10. Mental health is just as important as physical health

Health and mental wellbeing can be the same as physical. Mental illness can cause physical or psychological problems.


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