Make Your Own Custom Length Power Cables – Boston Equator


right length, it may be the time to think outside the box to make your own custom length. This is how to make customized length power cables in your house.

In the beginning, you’ll require a double-lock cable. It’s likely that you can locate one in your local hardware store. Also, you’ll need a terminal and some solder, as well as torch. After cutting the cable to the length you want and length, place a couple of pieces of solder inside a vice. Be careful not to put too much solder into the vicebecause it might spill. The amount is sufficient to completely fill your vise.

Then, heat the solder using an electric torch. After it’s melted to liquid form, unplug from the flame, insert your battery cable into the vise, then turn off the gas. It is then allowed to coolbefore moving the heat shrink tube up towards the top, and then heat your tube using the torch. This will provide the wire with better electrical protection in addition to looking aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re equipped with appropriate equipment, it is easy to change the length of your power cable. Always ensure that you’re safe at all times.


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