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Ning has been in existence for many years, but the method is still fascinating to people who don’t know the process. The Youtube videos “How Dry Cleaning Work” shows how garments are washed using this method. Find out more!

Dry cleaning is a fact. is that it’s not actually dry in any way, however it doesn’t make use of water like the people at home do in a washing machine. Instead, clothing is moistened using a solvent like hydrocarbon, creating an organic process. Alongside the solvent, dry-cleaning establishments use soap and machines to clean the pieces. After the clothes are dry, they remove the solvent and dry the garments.

Then, the garments can be pressed. To ensure all buttons are in position The dry cleaner first examines the garments. They will then transport an item of clothing to the press area where steam will be blown at the garment. Then, they dry-vacuum the moisture out of the garment, and after that they firm it up. After that, the customer is able to pick the garment up.

The rest of the clip for additional details on how dry cleansing operates. 41egzbguz4.

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