7 Best RFIs Management Practices – Business Training Video



project by streamlining communication at all levels.

Getting good RFI management software is crucial. It must, however, adhere to certain principles. First, it must have proper numbering. This lets RFIs be stored and organized in an easy-to-remember manner. To make it easy to find them, the numbers are kept in the ledger. RFIs should also be able to answer the inquiries. Answers are crucial elements of the process. The answer isn’t just about responding to questions. Also, you must do it in a timely manner. It is important that RFIs establish a time limitation for submission of required answers. Fourth practice is to include reference material in responses to the RFI response. This will ensure that the RFI response contains as many information as is possible. Attachments can include related drawings, cost of items and other details. A different principle is copying emails. This ensures that everyone involved in the organization receives info and helps to minimize the loss of information due to translating. It should follow a clearly defined the protocol for communicating. Then, it should propose options. They can offer suggestions for solutions, such as what should be different and who must be involved. Additionally, it should outline the timeline of the impacts such as additional meetings or changes to the working method.

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