How to Price Your Landscaping Services – Small Business Magazine


It is essential to understand how much money to pull into your business to remain profitable. This video will provide the fundamentals of landscaping pricing.

One of the first things to determine is whether you’re providing landscaping services or lawn maintenance services. Lawn care will include the mowing of lawns as well as raking leaves and getting rid of weeds on the lawn. Landscape services can include pruning and removal of shrubs and trees in addition to adding mulch and weeding out the soil.

What ever service you offer, it’s a sensible idea to think about the most likely scenario, especially if you’re working for the hourly wage. You should allow yourself plenty of time to prepare to deal with the possibility that you don’t lose any money. Your job will be finished faster and cost less. That will leave your customers happy.

You may charge by the task instead of an hourly rate based on what needs to get completed. Additionally, think about additional charges that you could have to pay for, such as dumping charges to remove waste from the lawn. To learn more go to the video below.


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