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You may not be as secure as you think. This video will provide the reasons why.

Auto Body collisions are dangerous. Two cars colliding at speed speeds is likely to work out well. In the past, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has given safety ratings for a variety of vehicles. These standards are not changed for a long time. In fact, many nations have revised their safety standards, and have taken an overall approach towards safety. It also applies to pedestrian security.

Presently, a crash dummy is used to test the force applied to different areas of the body during diverse scenarios. As an example, they are tested for the force that is applied to head-on collisions, side collisions, and roll overs. The data is then compiled and given a single number. The safety rating as represented through starts that vary between one and five. This doesn’t really consider all of the variables that occur in the modern-day driving. As long as our system isn’t updated it is likely to miss the most important elements of driver safety.


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