Plumbing Maintenance Tips – Awkward Family Photos


Encroachment is a must-do task for homeowners of all ages. It makes sure that your plumbing runs smooth and smoothly, while also preventing clogs and backups that require costly repairs. The video below offers a few expert tips to assist you in your maintenance of your plumbing.

One of the easiest things to do is to check for leaks. Check all of your plumbing fixtures within your sink, dishwasher, tubs as well as laundry equipment, and more. Make sure you check your drainage and water lines. If you notice signs of moisture, apply a newspaper towels. Be sure to look both at between the pipe as well as the top of the faucet, which includes the faucet.

Then, you should you should run your drain cleaner once twice a week. Baking soda, or vinegar, can also be employed. Baking soda and vinegar is intended for maintenance only and not for clearing a obstruction in drains. It is able to handle tiny pieces of dirt and clean however, it is not able to handle massive backups.

An important task for the season is cleaning your hose bibs in the exterior of your house. It is particularly important if your home is in a location that experiences below-freezing temperatures in the winter. Clear out the frozen water so that it does not get in the pipes or explode.

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