Seawall Erosion Repair – ES Design Portfolio

Soil erosion is the leading cause of seawall collapse. The water pressure on the shore should be equal to the pressure of soil on the side facing down at high tide. The sea wall can’t be supported properly if the soil is void-filled and therefore lesser pressure. The sea wall will crack and, in the worse case that the sea wall will collapse. This video demonstrates how companies create seawalls as well as complete seawall repair.

Addressing soil erosion is the first step in property maintenance. The small hole at the surface might signal a deeper issue. If untreated an area that has begun to drain underground will expand quickly and move. The repair will be required when the ground and stormwater had been flowing under the seawall, and passing through its joints as well as small imperfections. The result was a six-foot thick impermeableand grouted made of grout. The wall extends for four feet beneath the foundation of the wall. The grout wall helps support the seawall. It also stops soil erosion because of the cracks in it.

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