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Construction Waste Cleanup Methods
Source Separation: The separation of materials into specific bins with respect to that specific material. This is an ideal solution for construction projects that require lots of space to keep multiple containers, and similar materials.

Mixed Debris is another method for getting rid of construction debris. This will allow you to use a lesser amount of trash materials. This is where all non-related construction debris is gathered in a single container and transported off-site for further processing.

Recycling materials that are commingled are taken by an excavator which break down into manageable size. When they are picked they are then sorted manually while smaller waste items can be tossed onto a conveyor to allow manual sorting. To shape and grade land some of the more refined materials may be utilized to cover temporarily the landfills.

Materials are later transported off site for a sorting center where the wood, which has been separated, is cut into smaller pieces and reused to create new Particleboard, landscape mulch and biofuels.

The melted metal is later heated and transformed into brand new items.
Cardboard waste is pulped and transformed to create new cardboard boxes
Concrete and asphalt (ABC material) can be separated, crushed, and reused as road bed or construction base substance.
Plastics are segregated and recycled into new plastics. j7bj2mmh6a.

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