How to Make Whiskey at Home – Discovery Videos


These are some tips to help you age whiskey.

The first step is to purchase a wood barrel to store your whiskey. The whiskey age kits you can make at home might work better for small wooden barrels. Two liters is a standard size to use for this type of project. After having the barrel in place, it is important to clear your barrel. There will be sawdust particles in your barrel. To prevent splitting wood after inserting the spigot, make sure to soak the barrel. Then, run water through the barrel using a funnel many times, to clean it.

Install the spigot inside the barrel, carefully. Then employ a hammer for tapping the barrel. To keep it from breaking or cracking, wrap a towel over the barrel. You will get a perfect seal if you’re cautious. For the final step, make sure to fill the barrel with water so that it’s completely watertight. bllol4ptqq.

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