Can You Do Sump Pump Repairs On Your Own? – Home Improvement Videos


Though it’s sometimes not ideal, it could occur. Self-repair, however, is possible. Youtube channel Apple Drains demonstrates how to repair sump pumps without making an emergency call.

Then, wash the outside of it and get your equipment. The lower panel of the floating device by pulling off four screws. Unscrew the screw that is holding the float. The bottom plate might be a bit stuck, so make use of a screwdriver or flat tool to pry it free. Do not take off the entire housing, as dielectric fluid can be leaking out of the pump’s sump.

Plug the sump pump in by turning on the switch. In order to encourage the fan’s movement, tap the switch a several times with your fingertips. If it stops, it is unable to do this. Let it run for a few minutes to clear any particles. Shut off the pump and clean it up to get rid of any remaining blockages. inkgzvksei.

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