How Printer Repair Services Diagnose and Fix Stop Jams – Geek Support Tech


Instead of having to fiddle with multiple cartridges of ink that run dry quickly, laser printer owners simply need to change the toner cartridge periodically.

Printers can sometimes have problems despite being reliable. A stop jam is one of the main concerns that repair services for printers are called for. A stop jam is when paper becomes stuck in the printer, and then it stops working. This video will guide you on how to solve your laser printer when it happens.

The first step is locate the source where the jam is. Remove or open the access panels on your machine to close look at its internal components. It should appear in the printer. At times, you’ll need to open panels toward the back of your printer. Once you have identified the issue you can determine why your document stopped at that point. It is important to examine the paper for creases and damage. There may be a need to verify the speed of your printer in order to make sure there is no damage. 8f52k4hvnb.

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