How to Care for Your Fine Jewelry – Discovery Videos

There are also necklaces and earrings that contain genuine gems. Learning to keep these items well-maintained is crucial to keep them in good condition for all the time that is feasible. This video will discuss the top tips and tricks for maintaining precious jewellery. It’s crucial to take your jewelry that you frequently use to the jeweler at least once every year for 18 months. A jeweler will check the jewelry to determine wear and tear, which could cause loss of the gemstone. Additionally, make sure that you don’t put your jewelry in a position that puts it under excessive pressure. Do not wear it when you workout, for instance. This is especially important for day-to-day-wear engagement rings. For example, a ring constructed of pure gold might be bent out of its design. If you’re exercising the ring, make sure it is secure by wearing it on a necklace that you wear around your neck. A few additional tips are offered in this video to aid you in keeping fine jewelry at its best. If you have any questions regarding jewelry, be sure to check out the video, and then consult the other resources.

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