Did You Know the Mona Lisa Was Once Stolen? – Arts and Music PA


However, all that changed in 1911. The Mona Lisa theft is the basis for the video.

The painting was on an area with the rest of the paintings inside the gallery, and not receiving any treatment special for security. The painting was taken by an Italian worker at the gallery. He also stole his brother’s belongings. He removed the artwork out of its frame, then hid it underneath his clothing. The missing artifact was not discovered until after an exhausting day.

When people noticed that the painting was stolen, news of it spread like wildfire. All over the world, newspapers covered the incident and warned everyone to watch for warning signs. There was no evidence of the painting. The Italian culprit was even interrogated and the police did no further action. The police finally called police when the thief tried to sell the painting to an Italian buyer. The police were able to make an arrest, and the painting was later released. I’m sure he would have enjoyed the assistance of fine bail bondsmen. But alas, he was imprisoned. Today, more than 6 millions of people come to view the famous artwork every year. dw7q4vgixk.

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